Roberta C.

I have been going to Kennedy Brothers, run by Sue Bloom, off and on for a number of years and can say with certainty that I have avoided at least two surgeries due to the high quality physical therapy that I received there. The knee replacement that I was told thirteen years ago that I would need has still not happened; instead, I still am able to run and water ski. When my knee began acting up three years ago, three different orthopedic surgeons each independently recommended a different surgery. A fourth orthopedic surgeon opted for more physical therapy; I returned to Kennedy Brothers and, due to the physical therapy that I received there, was able to go back to my regular exercise/athletic routine. I’m back again this time with a medial meniscus tear but six weeks of PT has gotten rid of most of the pain. Another six weeks of PT and I assume I will be back to my regular exercise routine.
Why do I like them so much? a. they know who you are (sort of like “Cheers” where everybody knows your name) b. they customize their therapy to your energy level, your capability and obviously to your clinical issues c. they employ very friendly very competent people.
They have just moved to a new location on the other (Needham) side of Route 95. The space is much nicer, lighter, and bigger.