KBPT Health and Safety Guidelines

Last Updated: 10/5/2022

Our first concern at Kennedy Brothers PT is the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. This has been especially true as we navigate the in’s and out’s of this pandemic. We are a small, PT owned business that is doing its best to continue to provide the best care possible. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to keep ourselves available to patients in need of physical therapy to prevent long term implications of not receiving care post surgically or for pain management and management of physical function. Our clinics are open and we are making every effort to continue to provide care and have different options based on patient need and comfort level.

We commit to providing you the best care we can while keeping you, our team, and our community safe. In return, we ask that our patients follow the same rules to protect themselves and each other. We will continue to update our guidelines in line with Massachusetts and CDC guidelines.

If you are coming into one of our clinics, we ask that everyone continues to follow these guidelines to maintain the safest environment possible. 

😷 Everyone, Please Mask Up!

As healthcare clinics in Massachusetts, we are required to wear masks and required to ask you to wear masks. Please come in to your visit with a three-layer mask or ask your clinic for one.

🏠 If You are Sick, Please Stay Home! 

Regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate from others when you have COVID-19. If you are feeling sick, have tested positive for Covid-19, or are waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test, we want you to stay home.

If you have recently tested positive for Covid-19: you may not come into our clinics unless:

  • You are symptom free and tested more than 5 days ago
  • Your symptoms are improving, you are fever free, and tested more than 5 days ago


🧤🧼 We are Providing the Safest Environment Possible

In our clinics, we continue to provide the safest environment possible. This includes: 

  • Regularly cleaning all equipment and treatment areas thorough
  • Regularly washing our hands between patients

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow CDC guidelines and MA Department of Health guidelines. If you have any questions, please reach out or ask your local clinic.