Christmas in the City

In order to fulfill our strong desire to assist the community around us, Kennedy Brothers has initiated a number of non-profit organizations targeting various needs in the community. One of our greatest ventures has been Christmas in the City. Started in 1990, it is a non-profit organization that raises money year round in order to provide a wonderful day of Christmas cheer and happiness for all the homeless children in Boston and surrounding regions. From Christmas in the City came another wonderful program called Adopt-A-Family Program. You can learn more about these wonderful programs by visiting

The Angel Fund

Kennedy Brothers is also very involved in The Angel Fund. Richard Kennedy is the president and founder of this charity which benefits ALS, or Lou Gerig’s disease. Thanks to the continued fund raising efforts, including the annual running of The Squirrel Run, we are one step closer to a cure for this terrible disease. You can learn more about this wonderful charity by visiting


Adopt-A-School is yet another charitable organization started by Kennedy Brothers in 1991. This was started in our Boston clinic to serve the needs of a large population of uninsured inner city school children. This program provides free care to Boston public school athletes. We also provide educational inservices to the coaches and athletes on injury prevention. This has been a very rewarding experience for many of our therapists who have been involved.